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Monday 24 June 2024

4 reasons Filmmaker mode is a game-changing TV feature

If directors and cinematographers are using the latest technology to create captivating stories on screen, then it makes sense to be able to recreate that experience at home so that you can enjoyed the best picture quality. Unfortunately, some TVs aren't capable of matching the brightness, contrast, sharpness, and color of every film. In addition, some newer TVs include default settings that alter the original parameters, and as a result, may change the frame rate, white balance, and a number of other specific settings. TVs tend to do this because they want to make everything you watch somewhat palatable, but with so much different content available that's shot in different ways, it's not viable that a group of settings fits everything.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/reasons-filmmaker-mode-is-a-game-changer/

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