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Thursday 1 July 2021

The new Bissell PowerEdge cordless vacuum already has its first discount at Amazon

Dogs and kids are messy. Get a cordless vacuum that can keep up.

Save $30: The latest Bissell PowerEdge 2900A cordless stick vacuum is on sale for $219.99 at Amazon as of July 1.

Robot vacuums are trendy, but they aren't always the best cleaning option for everyone's home. For example, they aren't as necessary if you live in a smaller space or have lots of random, hard-to-reach nooks. A cordless stick vacuum might be better if you like to do the work yourself, especially when the price is right on a brand new model.

Released about a month ago, the new Bissell PowerEdge cordless stick vacuum is now available for $219.99 at Amazon. The $30 discount is the first we've seen so far on the 2900A model. And since it's currently out of stock at Walmart, it's a good reason to buy now instead of wait for a better deal.

The Bissell 2900A is built for quick and easy cleanups of common messes around the home. Its 21V lithium-ion battery gives you up to 30 minutes of powerful cordless vacuuming. The 2900A works best on hard floors, and Bissell recommends using it on low-pile carpet or area rugs. But it works well to pick up all types of dirt and debris, including pet hair.

With its specialized edge cleaning brushes on the sides, the Bissell 2900A also does a great job cleaning around corners and along baseboards. You basically get three vacuums in one. From the stick vacuum, it also converts to a lightweight high-reach vacuum as well as a handheld vacuum perfect for small spaces or a car. And it boasts a dirt tank that's easy to empty along with washable filters to better control dust and dander.

If it fits your home's cleaning needs, a cordless stick vacuum might be your best tool. And the new Bissell PowerEdge offers the versatility you need to make it a worthy investment at $219.99.

Save $30 at Amazon
Credit: Bissell

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