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Tuesday, 27 July 2021

The best slow cookers for making easy, hands-off meals

The Instant Pot isn't the only player in the slow cooker game.

Slow cookers are a must-have appliance for anyone with a kitchen. Also known as a rite of passage to being a grown-ass adult who has their life together â€" or at the very least, makes you look like you do.

Whether you've been on your own for 20 years and have kids, just graduated college, or hell, are still in college, you know the struggle of being too busy to cook a nice meal. (If you're a parent, this struggle is multiplied.) "Mmm, another frozen meal," said no one ever. Don't you just wish someone could have dinner ready at your beck and call? Is that really too much to ask?

Nope â€" not with a slow cooker. These workhorses can save you some serious stress about what to make every night, not to mention cut back on the amount of time you spend in the kitchen, as they require about five minutes of prep from you while they do the rest. Plus, whether you're meal prepping or saving leftovers, it's a lot less expensive than eating out all the time.

We especially love our slow cooker during the winter, when the chilly (negative degree) air outside makes us crave a toasty meal like chili or soup. We also love them in the fall, as they're especially handy to take tailgating and showing off your famous pulled pork recipe. They're also also great for summer BBQs for staples like ribs or macaroni and cheese. So actually, they're just clutch year round.

Slow cookers have been around for generations, and we wouldn't be surprised if you've already been through a few in your adult life. (Or had your heart broken by one on TV â€" ahem This is Us.) New ones are constantly hitting the market (you are literally older than the Instant Pot), and it's agonizing trying to find the stand-out features other than, you know, cooking slowly.

We scoured the internet to find the best slow cookers for any situation or skill level, and here's what we found:

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