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Friday 2 July 2021

Take 4K photos and videos from the sky with this drone on sale #rwanda #RwOT ##unutMADIMAKlımda

This 4K camera drone has a 13-minute flight time.

TL;DR: Capture cool aerial shots with the Stealth Dragon 240 headless FPV drone on sale for $119.99, down from $199 as of July 2. That's a savings of 40%.

Ever wonder how people capture mind-blowing city or nature shots without risking their lives? The key is to get a camera tool that can take flight for you.

With the Stealth Dragon 240 headless FPV drone, you can become one of those incredible photographers you admire. The Stealth Dragon lets you view real-time images and video footage in 4K HD quality, which means you can watch it on its journey as it flies around the city or your neighborhood. By connecting it to your smartphone, you can view videos and images as they're captured and be in total control of the drone itself — without having to purchase extra accessories. 

This camera drone features a built-in altitude mode function that automatically stabilizes the drone as it takes flight. The 4K drone captures great details, highlights, and shadows on every snap. With the one-key automatic return feature, you can easily bring the drone back to you without having to worry about how to guide it home. It'll find you as long as you hit that button.

A 90-minute charge of the Stealth Dragon can send it on a trip up to 13 minutes long, which is not a super long flight time, but should be enough to capture some quick shots. The full drone kit includes a remote control, extra fan blades, a screwdriver, manual, and USB charging cable.

Normally, the Stealth Dragon 240 camera drone retails for $199. But, for a limited time, you can take 40% off and start capturing incredible videos and photos for your Instagram feed for just $119.99.

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