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Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Stop scooping with the best self-cleaning cat litter boxes #rwanda #RwOT

Having a cat (or a few) can be an amazing experience. They’re soft, cute, cuddly, goofy in the best and weirdest way, and they’re always there for you on a bad day. Plus, there’s nothing better — or more relaxing — than falling asleep to the sound of their purring. 

But there’s one thing about being a cat mum or dad that is horrible: scooping and cleaning the cat litter box. This tedious, repetitive, gross, and smelly task takes up way more time than we want it to. And if you get lazy, even for a moment — say after a long, bad day at the office — your cat thanks you in the morning with a present in the bath.

Thankfully, over the last decade or so, there have been some pretty nifty advancements in automatic cat litter boxes that help take some of the work out of looking after your cat.

How do automatic litter boxes work?

An automatic litter box can detect when your cat has soiled the litter and then it rakes the waste into a separate compartment. You won't have to individually scoop each clump — you just need to empty out the waste bin regularly. It works similarly to a robot vacuum with a self-emptying base: You don't have to clean anything each time it runs, but you do have to empty the base when it's full.

This ensures your cat has a clean litter box every time it needs to relieve itself, which can help the cat actually go in its box instead of on the floor. So, an automatic cat box is a great investment for finicky cats that need a pristine litter box every time they go. Most automatic litter boxes are meant for adult cats, and are not suitable for lughtweight kittens.

Do automatic litter boxes actually work?

Yep, they really do. Not only does an automatic litter box do the scooping for you, it also keeps odour at bay. You'll no longer have cat poop and pee just literally sitting out in the open in your house. It'll be swept into a sealed chamber to help repress the smell.

Be aware though, a lot of self-cleaning litter boxes are enclosed, which not every cat will like. If your cat doesn't regularly like a covered box, opt for one that's open. Automatic litter boxes also make noise while they're cleaning themselves, which could scare timid cats. There are quieter options out there for cats who get spooked easily.

What are the benefits of using a self-cleaning litter box?

It's right there in the name. It's self-cleaning. So you don't have to hunch over and tediously scoop kitty litter, which is objectively the worst household task. And, like we mentioned, the litter box will smell less and a clean box will encourage your cat to actually use it. Plus, it’s more hygienic for both of you because you won't have dirty paws tracking bacteria and litter all over the house.

What is the best self-cleaning litter box?

Whether you’re looking for something that pretty much runs itself, something that will save you money on litter, or something perfect for your heavy litter-picky fur baby, we’ve got a self-cleaning cat litter box to fit your needs. 

We've scoured the net and lined up a selection of the best self-cleaning litter boxes from top brands like PetSafe. There should be something for everyone and every budget in this list. You just need to pick a favourite for you and your cat.

These are best self-cleaning cat litter boxes in 2021.

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