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Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Stay hydrated wherever with Lifestraw's self-filter stainless steel bottle

Save up to 25%: Assorted LifeStraw products like their filtered stainless steel and collapsible water bottles are on sale at Amazon as of July 27.

Summer trips are all fun and games until your one good bottle of water runs out.

Chugging straight from the stream in the woods â€" or the hotel tap that tastes like metal, for that matter â€" aren't your only options. Neither is lugging around a case of plastic water bottles, which is both inconvenient and wasteful.

If you've seen this viral TikTok about Brita and LifeStraw pitchers, you've probably been giving your own kitchen sink the sus eye as well.

For the times when a trusty pitcher isn't an option, LifeStraw's reusable stainless steel water bottle does more than keep water cold like a Yeti or Hydro Flask would. It pushes that water through a two-stage filter straw to remove 99.999% of microplastics, chlorine, bacteria, and parasites. Regularly $60, an Amazon discount brings the 24-ounce LifeStraw Go down to $47.96. LifeStraw's collapsible Flex bottle, regularly $34.95, is on sale for $26.10

The .2 micron membrane filter in both bottles is the same one used in the classic LifeStraw (also on sale) that allows you to safely sip directly from a dirty outdoor water source.

Save $11.99 at Amazon
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