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Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Save nearly 25% on an interactive feeder ball for your dog (or cat) #rwanda #RwOT

These feeders will make dinner more enriching for your cat or dog.

TL;DR: Make mealtime more enjoyable for your pet with this interactive feeder ball, which is on sale for 25% off. As of July 14, bring one home for just $44.99.

Does your precious little dog gulp down every meal like it’s his last? You may want to slow things down with this interactive feeder ball.

When dogs eat too quickly, they tend to swallow air along with their food, which can lead to discomfort. Fortunately, slow-feeding bowls and toys like this can help resolve the issue while also keeping them happy and entertained.

To start using this ball, simply fill the clear plastic dome on top with food or treats. We bet it'll grab your pet's attention right away — and keep them engaged and stimulated while you get your work done. (We know, you'd rather be hanging out with them.)

Once your dog starts nudging and chasing the toy around, the food slowly works its way through the ball’s internal structure to be dispensed for eating. There’s never too much being dispensed at once, helping your pet avoid the dreaded indigestion.

This educational and interactive feeder ball usually costs $59, but for a limited time, you can save 25% and snag one for just $44.99.

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