Mix up a tasty smoothie on the go with the JustBlend portable blender #rwanda #RwOT ##カリッとコク旨クリスピーチキンチーズ - MrLiambi's blog


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Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Mix up a tasty smoothie on the go with the JustBlend portable blender #rwanda #RwOT ##カリッとコク旨クリスピーチキンチーズ

Stay cool in the summer heat with single-serve drinks.

TL;DR: If you live in a small space, skip the big, bulky blender and grab the JustBlend Portable Blender instead. As of July 13, get one for just $42.99 — a 13% discount.

We’re officially living in the future. Rather than being tied to your kitchen outlets and waiting for your old-school blender to whip up your smoothies, shakes, or adult beverages, you can actually take your ingredients with you and mix things up from wherever you are. All you need is the JustBlend Portable Blender.

Equipped with six stainless steel blades, this portable blender may be small and adorable, but it’s definitely more powerful than it looks. It can crush ice, fruits, and veggies and blend up everything from protein shakes to margaritas with ease. You can even use it to puree baby foods when you’re out and about.

With its impressive 4,000mAh battery, the JustBlend Portable Blender is capable of blending eight to 12 drinks on a single charge. When it starts to lose its strength, just plug it in via USB. It’s super light and about the size of a typical water bottle, so it can most likely fit into your car’s cup holder.

While it's regularly $49, you can snag the JustBlend Portable Blender in an assortment of colors — from fun shades like purple, pink, blue, and green to more basic options like black and white — on sale for just $42.99 for a limited time.

JustBlend Portable Blender — $42.99
Credit: JustBlend

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