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Sunday 14 February 2021

TikTok users are dressing up as their 'Republican-sonas' #rwanda #RwOT ##NXTTakeOver

TikTok users are dressing up as their 'Republican-sonas'

TikTok has heralded in countless viral makeup trends over the last few years, but this one crosses the partisan divide. 

Well, not really. But it's nice to think so. 

TikTok users are donning spray tans, thick mascara, and pale pink lipstick to transform themselves into their "Republican-sonas," a reimagined version of themselves that backs the blue and probably has too many regressive opinions on universal healthcare. The term is a play on "fursona," a portmanteau of "furry" and "persona" that the online furry community uses to describe their animal alter ego. 

TikTok users are notoriously snarky — when a popular Los Angeles salon ignored public criticism for not enforcing mask wearing during this pandemic, TikTok users flooded the salon's hashtag with videos mocking the owner's hair coloring technique. On an app known for its strong alternative community, bold styles thrive.  Read more...

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