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Saturday 13 February 2021

Excuse me? Gen Z didn't invent the middle part.

Excuse me? Gen Z didn't invent the middle part.

It brings me no pleasure to type these words, but center parts are tearing the internet apart.

That's right. The timeless middle hair part is at the center of a recently sparked generational feud of dramatically epic proportions â€" one that's driving a wedge between members of Gen Z, millennials, and really anyone with a head of hair.

How could people be arguing about the placement of hair parts ever, let alone in 2021? Amazing question. As with so many viral trends these days, it all started on TikTok.

Basically, a decent number of Gen Z TikTok users decided to start roasting millennials for doing ~millennial things~ like wearing skinny jeans and refusing to abandon their side parts. (It's a whole thing.) The Gen Z argument is essentially that side parts are less flattering and make a person look older, so they're urging all millennials rocking side parts to do themselves a solid and reclaim their youth by achieving that elite scalp symmetry. Read more...

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