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Wednesday 17 February 2021

Embrace the new capabilities of SharePoint 2019 to accelerate the growth of your business #rwanda #RwOT ##花咲くホロライブ

SharePoint is a software solution for browser-based collaboration and document/data management. It is designed to connect all the employees and business resources. SharePoint permits its users to collaborate and coordinate business tasks through a centralized software platform regularly. It is such a versatile platform that can be used for numerous business activities. For example: collaboration, document management, project management, business intelligence, customer relationship management, marketing, human resources, website integration/management, etc.

The release of SharePoint 2019 has established that Microsoft remains dedicated to customers whether they operate on-premises or in hybrid scenarios. With millions of users using Office 365, SharePoint on the web has topped Microsoft’s list of the most popular products.

SharePoint online, on-premises & 2019 version

The main difference between SharePoint Online and On-Premises is that you need an IT team to maintain the server and install updates in the on-premise version. This eventually leads to more engagement of your employees and the purchase of infrastructure. Whereas when you use the online version, you don’t need much hardware and an IT team to handle it, which leads to large savings on resources.

Microsoft enabled SharePoint Online in Office in 2010. Office 365 is the cloud version of SharePoint Server. Let’s take a look at some features of SharePoint Online (Office 365) and SharePoint Server On-Premises.

SharePoint Online (Office 365)

Significant features of Office 365 are:

  • Microsoft installs platform updates and applies security patches
  • Hosting of SharePoint farms in Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure
  • 99.9% availability commitment by Office 365 in their SLA
  • Additional new features in the cloud version

SharePoint 2019 Pre-Migration Check

There are several reasons why you should migrate to SharePoint 2019. It has hybrid cloud search, all the sites are in one place, it allows rapid site development, there are many PowerShell scripts and so on.

SharePoint Server On-Premises

Noteworthy features of SharePoint Server On-Premises :

  • Hosting of SharePoint farms by your company
  • Updates, patches, change control, etc. would be the responsibility of your IT staff
  • Maintenance of the Active Directory Domain Services on-premise by your organization
  • For accessing the SharePoint server, you need to purchase Client Access Licenses (CALs) for each person/device

It is essential to migrate to SharePoint solutions to sustain business productivity and continuity. Considering the differences between SharePoint Online (Office 365) and SharePoint Server On-Premises, it completely depends upon the business needs of your organization which one should you go ahead with. You can choose the SharePoint server if you need an on-premise solution. But if you wish to swap from on-premise to the Cloud version of SharePoint then you should go with Office 365.

Let’s take a look at what is new in SharePoint 2019:

1. SharePoint homepage

Microsoft has modified the homepage of SharePoint. Now it provides a modern user interface experience that enables users to access all their websites. With the all-new homepage, users can now easily navigate the homepage and keep a record of all the activities that are performed throughout their websites.

2. OneDrive

The 2019 version of SharePoint has an improved OneDrive Sync Client. It also provides OneDrive Sync Client support for personal web portals and the team including on-demand files. It helps in generating a dependable and fast sync experience by providing push notifications. These features were there in the cloud before, but now on-premise users also get access in hybrid environments.

3. Better SharePoint framework support

The latest version of SharePoint provides support for SharePoint Framework 1.4.1. With this, developers can now build modern web parts that would function for SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2019 On-Premises.

This version of SharePoint enables the developers to use web hooks for:

  • SharePoint Framework Client-Side extensions
  • SharePoint Framework Client-Side web parts in modern experiences
  • List items
  • Asset packaging
  • Auto JS file hosting from the application catalog

4. Enhanced support for business processes

The new version of SharePoint is equipped with functions like process automation and forms techs like Flow and PowerApps. These functions help to connect with the on-premise data. Since many businesses use SharePoint to support collaboration, custom business applications and business process automation, these features make it easy to transfer huge workloads to the cloud.

5. Modern SharePoint team sites

Modern Team sites in SharePoint are responsive. They include a news publishing engine that enables users to share the news with other members of the team. This experience is designed to be flexible and convenient to use. With the help of SharePoint Server 2019, you can easily create and publish modern pages.

6. Modern libraries

Modern libraries in SharePoint 2019 combine the power of SharePoint with OneDrive usability. This helps users to share and collaborate content conveniently. These libraries offer a unique experience with an updated UI, making the creation of new folders and file upload more intuitive.

7. Modern lists

Modern list experience in the SharePoint Server 2019 streamlines the way users create, modify and engage with content, with capabilities that are useful irrespective of the devices and browsers they use.

8. SharePoint mobile

The intranet provides a collaborative space that provides teams the resources they require for better work productivity. It hosts appropriate applications to support and automate business developments. With the help of SharePoint Server 2019, the intranet becomes more accessible, innovative and intelligent and also increases the efficiency of its users.

9. Improved communication

SharePoint Server 2019 makes communication between users convenient by launching a new generation of an intelligent intranet. Now users can easily communicate with peers through dynamic sites and pages.

10. Large size file support and file names

The all-new SharePoint Server 2019 supports uploading files up to 15 GB. With this modification, users can now quickly share audio-video files along with text-based files. Not only this, but now SharePoint Server 2019 provides support for other types and naming conventions like create, store, sync files containing # and % characters, etc.

The final say

SharePoint is designed to provide organizations with a central point for convenient collaboration. The above-mentioned features of the SharePoint Server 2019 make it a much-awaited product by users. These features not only make collaboration easier but also make SharePoint Server 2019 more productive for enhancing business growth. If you are planning to simplify daily activities for your teams, enhance the user experience and minimize the overall cost that is incurred in providing site consolidation, get the SharePoint 2019 now. To know more about the integration of SharePoint online, on-premises and 2019 version, please talk to our experts.

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