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Monday 15 February 2021

Are you using Microsoft 365 to its full potential? #rwanda #RwOT ##NCT127_gimmegimme

Thriving in the age of COVID-19, digital workspace happens to be the need of the hour for modern businesses. Organizations are now more inclined towards remote work and the adoption of the steadily rising cloud platform -Microsoft 365.

In the year 2020, 70% of Fortune 500 companies started using Microsoft 365 with a 21% growth in the number of users. Moreover, as per Microsoft’s earning release FY21 Q1, Microsoft Teams had 115 million daily active users, as of October 2020.

In its 2020 financial year, Microsoft generated 46.4 billion U.S. dollars from its productivity and business processes segment and a further 48.37 billion through its intelligent cloud segment.
– Statista

Despite occupying a 40.39 percent market share as of October 2020, most organizations are not utilizing many Microsoft 365 applications and tools. To realize the business benefits of Microsoft 365 in terms of efficiency and productivity, organizations must utilize the tool to its full potential.

If you are a Microsoft user but not sure of how to utilize Microsoft 365 suite to its full potential, then this blog post is for you.

Utilize Microsoft 365 to the fullest potential

Microsoft 365 is an online productivity platform, offering different apps and services under one umbrella. In today’s remote-working world, millions of users worldwide are currently utilizing this productivity suite to create, connect and collaborate visually in real-time. However, it is not just about embracing Microsoft 365 but also about using all its applications and tools to the fullest.

Microsoft 365 = Enterprise mobility + Productivity + Security

As the enterprise workforce has become more mobile, it is time for you to shift to a more modern workplace. So, by getting the most out of the cloud and reaping Microsoft 365 to its maximum potential, you can:

  • Improve business efficiency and employee productivity
  • Build custom line-of-business (LOB) apps on the go
  • Access data from anywhere, anytime and any device
  • Collaborate and communicate remotely in real-time
  • Transform data into rich insights, visuals and graphs

Microsoft Office 365 migration to support your business operations

The Office 365 platform has all the necessary capabilities and tools to support your workforce to perform business operations seamlessly during this crisis. Enhanced email capabilities, advanced security and easy remote collaboration functionalities for your employees are some of the benefits of migrating to the all-new Microsoft Office 365.


Microsoft 365 apps and services for enterprise

Making a move to the powerful Microsoft collaboration tool isn’t enough until you unlock the full potential of all its apps and tools. Apart from widely used Microsoft tools like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, it is vital for you to use other apps contained in Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 comes with a range of mobile-friendly, flexible and collaborative features to help you enhance agility and productivity. For instance, Microsoft 365 offers tools like Yammer, Teams, SharePoint, etc. for social networking. Similarly, it provides tools like Power Automate to enable you to automate workflows, MyAnalytics for Workspace Intelligence, Power BI to improve productivity, etc. Moreover, in April 2020, Microsoft launched new feature updates for digital workspaces.

The ongoing pandemic has forced organizations to turn towards the adoption of the chat-centered collaboration tool – Microsoft Teams. It enables users to communicate internally with other employees as well as externally with clients. According to Microsoft’s analysis, from February 2020 to March 2020, weekly Teams mobile users got increased up by more than 300%.

The cloud platform also offers useful smartphone applications like Office Remote and Office Lens to help you work from anywhere in the world. These Office apps will act as your go-to apps for getting your work done on a mobile device. Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise offers you a simpler yet powerful Office experience on the go.

Microsoft 365 integration with existing systems

Microsoft 365 allows you to integrate all its apps with your on-premises environment seamlessly. It also enables you to get all the required apps on a single platform. With Microsoft 365, you can integrate your business apps more efficiently and rapidly. For instance, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and Word all integrated at one place provides any business everything it needs to run seamlessly.

When you integrate your on-premises server products and internal systems with Microsoft 365, you create a hybrid environment. Pairing Microsoft 365 apps with other tools provide extended capabilities like file sharing, web-based communications, video conferencing, cloud-based collaboration and more.

Now, let us look at some benefits of integrating existing tools with cloud-connected apps and services.

  • Zero downtime
  • Quick provisioning
  • Automated configuration
  • Secure access to apps
  • Unified, seamless interface

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365

Every organization must strive to get the most out of this phenomenal tool. Microsoft 365 has helped many organizations achieve optimal performance, enhance productivity, strengthen internal communications and improve security. While a majority of organizations are effectively using Microsoft tools and Office 365 consulting services today, only a few of them have realized its full benefits. If you intend to take advantage of everything Microsoft 365 has to offer, then you can reach out to our certified experts.

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